Swagtron 6

The personal transport market is primarily targeted at commuters but there´s always many people who simply want much more. More power, much more speed, much more extreme. The Swagtron T6 offers to be the product for people who want more. It´s an off-road hover-board designed for dirt trails, beaches or hiking paths. Nowadays, we´re likely to take an in-depth level consider the overall performance capabilities of the T6 to see if it´s up to scratch.


Out of the box, the Swagtron T6 is really a bulky unit. It weighs about a significant 32llbs that is almost another a lot more than most hover-boards. The reason for that is the massive 10” away-road wheels with heavy duty trail grips. Within duel 300W motors are driven by way of a Lithium primary battery power. This device is effective and we´ll go into the performance later on. For now, by far the most remarkable aspect of the T6 is its weight capability. This hoverboard is capable of doing carrying 380llb riders. In this regard, it´s one of the type inside the hover-table industry.

The general output of this model, is 600W. That gives enough torque to take care of 30 level inclines using a maximum speed on level of 12mph. This is marketed being an all terrain vehicle but you can find one or two performance concerns that make away-street driving a struggle. The initial one is the battery power. Once the battery becomes reduced the entire stability really endures and the board threatens to dollar you away. The steering delicate is very high on even the lower rider encounter settings and this requires some becoming accustomed to. The steadiness is also effected within the top speed restrict, and feels a bit wobbly. As time passes, you can equilibrium it all out, however the preliminary understanding bend is steep.

The team at Swagtron have tried to assist with steering and control by offering a range of configurations that can be tailored based on the users´ encounter. This is controlled via an application which adapts directing level of sensitivity alongside energy limiters for that motors. It´s a great contact however it doesn´t alter the truth that it´s hard to tame this beast.

The construction in this particular device is among the very best I´ve observed over a self-managing scooter. The chasis is sturdy, the overall performance is good and you have a 12 distance battery life. Swag are incredibly helpful ought to a product show up faulty and definately will offer an immediate substitute generally. Air-filled wheels could be difficult to inflate but they´re a the lord-send when you´re traveling more than unforgiving terrain. It´s a function I´d want to see on more personal transport gadgets later on. Lastly, the T-6 is UL22772 licensed which jniank its approved a strict high quality test and then there are no safety issues in the produce.

Additional features I like are definitely the in-constructed speakers that allow you to blare out AC/DC when you fly via puddles and down fine sand-dunes. It takes approximately 2-3 hrs to charge after every use, and has a 5 stage battery power meter. Because of the weight, you actually don´t want to be captured without a charge as its challenging to hold. It´s not really a inexpensive gadget by any means but it is a top-notch performer available in the market location.

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