In accordance with studies, girls drop from sports at a rate 1.5 times greater than boys. Over the course of 2 weeks in August 2017, Refinary29 polled 1,000 teenage girls inside the United Statesbetween 13 and 18 to discover their reasons behind letting go of on something that has been proven so they are happier, healthier, and a lot more confident throughout most of their lives.

Based on the research, the vast majority of younger girls they spoke to told them they decided to drop from Women’s Football simply because they did not see a future by themselves within it…

One of the primary purpose of the WNFC would be to change the understanding for girls, that there is not any future for them as a soccer player. For many youngsters girls who play soccer, this means dealing with and persevering with the bullying and pressures that come with becoming the only woman playing on a “boys” team.

WNFC teams receive and listen to of such stories at all times. Plenty of the organizations were doing a single-off mentorships to help the mother and father who definitely are reaching out. A fantastic majority of the girls playing soccer inside the WNFC were pariahs. They played with boys and dealt with plenty of judgments and bullying.

Today the WNFC declared the launch from the “I Got Her Back” System. This system is touted as the leagues signature system Targeted at Inspiring, Supporting, Mentoring, and Defending girls who play Women’s Tackle Football on all-boys teams. The “I Got Her Back” system is definitely an open up line for moms and dads, friends and allies’ of girls.

This system makes exposure to the girls via internet, e-mail and telephone outreach. “We wish to open a way for folks to create us mindful of girls who definitely are having fun with the boys in our cities. We won’t always view the girls actually, but we are going to do things such as give her a direct coach, pen/textual content pal or a person to call from our teams. This system will start using the nearby WNFC team sending a letter of assistance towards the woman, when we learn of her story.”

This system is focused on Women’s Sports, but any woman playing for just about any boys team in every of our cities is qualified for us to… “Have Her Back. The league has gotten assistance for your system from current sponsors Riddell and Adidas.

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